Argan Oil treatment pt 2. Restorative hair mask!


I have been posting a lot about different hair products I use, due to the amount of hair products I use :d. I feel hair products are one thing you should at least try once, you can always buy products to use for improvement and after a week of straighening, blow drying, curling, and even getting my hair colored it needs all it can get.

I recently decided to try this mask for my hair and it feels great, I leave it in for 10 minutes and I work it root to ends thoroughly and let it mask in my hair ( hence the name mask treatment). Yesterday I posted about One N Only Argan Oil to use daily in your hair, I use this Mask treatment once a week to every other week depending how much my hair has gone through. This product helps with these things :

  • Intense treatment penetrates the cuticle to help reconstruct, rebuild strength and restore elasticity
  • Hydrates and moisturizes hair from within, improving texture and shine
  • Reverses damage caused by environmental factors, heat stress and chemical/color treatments

I purchased this item at Sally Hansen for $9 (beauty club member). If you are into buying new products to help repair your hair. I would recommend giving this a go!

Have a great weekend & I will see you here on Monday

This product is able to be purchased at these stores:

Ulta ; Sally Hansen

Xo Victoria

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