Wed Mornings with Calvin Klein

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I love Calvin Klein dresses for work, they are so chic and comfy and is never just a basic dress. This dress is one of my favorites with a leopard print in the center going into the back. This dress makes you look lien and sexy at the same time! I made this look with gold chandlier earrings with a high bun to show off the earrings! I paired this dress with some Hot Red Aldo heels great to add a pop to any dress!

I hope you love this look, very basic but still made it great for work!

Have a great Wed!

Xo V

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“No matter how …

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.” – Regina Brett

Colors everywhere at Charming Charlies

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As soon as you walk into Charming Charlies in Clearwater, FL at the countryside mall you are bombarded with color literally color everywhere. From clothing, shoes, and accessories this is the place to go where you can find jewelry to match every piece of outfit you have in your closet. The best part is, if you are looking for a specific color it is at ONE table, so you don’t have to go searching around for things to match that pair of earrings you found. The pricing is relatively cheap and the atmosphere is fun. I did notice that not many associates came up to you or really helped any customers but they were nice at check out.

This store is a great place to go to when you need some statement pieces that aren’t expensive and can make an outfit. I will say, if you buy any products that have little crystals in it, if they fall out ( which happened to me twice) they will refund or exchange for you with the tag and receipt!

The pieces are great, and you can mix and match and really find great accessories, I fell in love with a few bracelets that were on SALE! I love cuff bracelets and they had a ton from crystals to stone from silver to black. They really had it all. This store is brand spanking new, just opened at the end of 2013 I believe it was November!

If you don’t have a charming charlies around you, here is there site so you can shop your heart out & get free shipping if it is over $50 you can shop at!

Xo V
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Am I seriously getting older, what is this shit


I sound like such a hypocrite when I talk about how excited I am for my birthday week and how it’s my “special” day. Truth is the week coming up to is better then that “special” day as a kid. I love my family TO DEATH but getting texts all damn day, calls, social media bull shit ( thank god I got rid of FB) really do hate hearing happy birthday. Yes I am only 23 today but I have no more glory birthdays 30 & 50 are the next big ones like SHIT when did I become this old. To think that eating a crap ton of delicious food and crying because yes I’m on that time it sucks.  I did have a good birthday despite the fact my boyfriend of 3 years is long distance and I wont see him till May and I have more issues then vogue in my life currently I say it’s just another day.

I did spend a crap ton of money at Nordstrom buying a new handbag, Christian Louboutin shoes & some baublebar jewelry I did have a good shopping trip. I truly enjoy spending a day of leisure drinking my bottle (s) of wine and calling it a day with my big floppy hat on & some shades. That is life I think not running around to throw on stilettos and sip wine appropriately.

No, I want to fill my trienta Starbucks cup with wine ( a whole bottle of wine fits in there) and get brown.


I suppose happy birthday too me 😉

Xo V