Life on a Sunday..

Happy Sunday everyone!

Not that this is the most amazing day of the week because Monday is next but hey at least most of us are off work!
This first post, I will discuss everything about me and what this blog is about. I had previously had a blog but of course I forgot my username and password :(.  I am based out of the sunny state of Florida, and happily finishing up my Bachelors degree at USF and have a full time job at a bank! Life can be busy but hey better then having nothing to do at all right?
I have an extreme love for pets, fashion, smoothies, coffee, and family! I am a girl living in the suburbs but belongs in the Big City! 
This blog will contain my sudden outbursts on life, things I purchase and things that have happened that just need some venting! With funny and sassy words, beware this isn’t your average blogger!! 
Xo V

Make me smile!

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