Sparkles & Monday’s

Well, it is a Monday but the best thing about Monday’s is being able to wear your new statement pieces or a flirty new dress to work. Working women don’t always have the chance to spice up the slacks and dresses with the modern black peep toe heel with accessories. I for one sometimes have those mornings where I can’t seem to get ready in a mere hour- hour half. I wake up push snooze and say “please no it can’t already be 530a.m.”
I see fashion as something that should inspire you, make you feel great, look great, and most of all give you excitement! Fashion isn’t about the hottest new trends, but what trend you pull off and look fab in!
My favorite dept store to shop at is nordstrom. This is my home away from home, if you can’t find it there you will NEVER find it which I 100% believe. I bought these 2 AMAZING pieces on Nordstrom Online by Baublebar and let me say these are a KNOCKOUT!
From sparkles and major statement pieces they sure add spice to just a normal working day outfit ( and they are pretty to look at also). In this whole outfit, I incorporate a fun and flirty dress with basic but beautiful candy pieces!
Purchased from Nordstrom
Baublebar Stone stretch bracelet in Clear Gold
Baublebar Hinge Bracelet in Mint Clear Gold
Purchase BaubleBar Braclets here
Purchased from Nordstrom
Nadri Infinity Symbol Pendant Necklace in Gold/ Clear
Purchase the Nadri Infinity Necklace here


Zara Handbag ( no longer available)


Purchased from Nordstrom
BP Report Silver Bow Flats ( no longer available)



Make me smile!

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