Have you ever?

This post is going to be one of those sudden outbursts that I warned you about…. I was in the car the other day getting ready to go back into work from lunch and all of a sudden I hear this song. A bunch of girls talking how let’s be honest all my girl friends talk like and shit it was a song about a SELFIE! Listen, this song is catchy strange, but catchy but seriously a selfie song? I can only imagine what the hell my children will be listening to when I have one!
Although this confused the hell out of me , it was quite funny. I then came in from work read the lyrics to my co worker and he said “Oh, that sounds like you” SHIT way to make me feel ahmazeballs!
If I ever to sing, make sure I don’t pull a Rebecca Black or some Selfie BS. šŸ™‚
Xo V



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