Spring time is here with Mint!

While being the little science geek I am, I have been up waiting to see the blood moon tonight! It’s quite exciting but my body is  shouting GO TO BED! my wonderful boyfriend is up watching the moon for me (while playing video games,I’m not that lucky) to let me know when it turns red  :). But other than this, I decided to write my next blog ft my FAVORITE sneaker !
IIn the spring in summer I love the smell of fresh mowed grass and beautiful spring flowers and festival season! now I am not talking about carnivals, more on the lines of a dance party! I’ve been a. Festival girl since my high school days from coachella, ultra,lolla etc..I love music , dancing, singing, hanging out with friends and colorful apparel! While shopping for new converse Nordstrom had finally started started selling them and it wasn’t just the basic colors, it was all colors of the rain bow ! 🙂
I had made the choice and bought these beautiful mint green Low top converse.Not only are these shoes so comfortable they are so bright and would look great with white skinnies or jean shorts to complete the summer look

Make me smile!

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