I truly am not that organized

Brush Holder ( vase)
Brush Holder ( vase)
Makeup Tray
Makeup Tray
Fishbowl to put Headbands in
Fishbowl to put Headbands in

         Truly I am one of the most unorganized people that you will probably ever meet especially when it comes to my makeup drawer. As most girls know how messy we can be with throwing our supplies everywhere. I have a TON of makeup and lipsticks (especially eye shadow). It becomes unbearable for me to actually find what I am looking for! With that being said, I was on a quest, a quest that  I have never done before in my LIFE! That was to FINALLY organize my makeup, yes ORGANIZE. My friends could sit here and tell you, ” her organize, ha”. It was a complete joke.

       I bought this makeup organizer off of amazon and was like “okay this better work, it’s clear and I can find my stuff in it.” I received it and BAM my lipsticks were organized (at least) and the rest eh was kind of just thrown in there ( so typical of me!) Let me say though, even though it’s not COMPLETELY organized it looks much more presentable then my drawer.

       Not only do I have a ton of makeup, I am OBSESSED and I mean OBSESSED  with headbands. I was literally throwing them anywhere I could find a place, and one day I was looking at my empty fish bowl and slid one in and BAM, I decided I would organize my headbands by putting them in a fancy fish bowl! The best part is the opening is just wide enough to stick your hand inside and the bottom is nice and round so it doesn’t ruin the headbands! It’s also a huge plus that I can see all of them and pick out which one I want to wear!

I’d love to know how you organize your beauty products! Especially eyeshadows!

Xo V



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