I hit the glory of sales!!

    I LIVE FOR SALES! No joke, I literally live for them especially when Nordstrom Rack had a killer one that was 25% off already clearance items which ended on April 19th. I found some of the most amazing shoes especially a hot Calvin Klein sandal for date night and some hot Charles David boots ( I know it is spring but I can never not buy boots). The way I look at it, you can always buy shoes when you are feeling in the dumps, just need a pick me up, or just want to smile, or you feel to bloated to try on clothes, shoes are always there ( how pathetic does that sound) but it is so true! Food makes you fat, clothes don’t always look right and shoes will always fit. It’s the motto I literally live by when shopping, also  handbags fall into that category of always being a winning item to add to your closet!

Calvin Klein Strappy Heel
Calvin Klein Strappy Heel
Charles David Boot
Charles David Boot


Calvin Klein hatFurla

    While on the topic of handbags I purchased this gorgeous Furla bag that is so structured and sophisticated it would make my business attire at work so much more presentable and chick. This bag is one of those bags that makes you look like you know what you are doing, not just hey I am here for a paycheck this is hey I know my shit look at this bag! With my second glass of wine in hand, I freak out and remember I purchased the most PERFECT Spring floppy hat by Calvin Klein that really screams, I live in FL! Also with the Kentucky Derby on my mind, you can never have enough floppy hats ;)!

I would love to know what you have bought over the weekend!

Xo V

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