My obsession with handbags past to present

Before I start this post… The week has begun and this is the week of my Birthday week which is on Sunday! Since I was a little girl, my mom always told me my birthday lasted for a week so let the festivities begin!

Throughout my blogs, I don’t think I ever really expressed my love for handbags, designer handbags to be exact. Since I was a little girl, I was blessed too enjoy the life of looking at gorgeous designer duds from my Mom to my Aunts. I became obsessed, and by the mere age of I believe it was 10 I had developed my first obsession of having gorgeous handbags (trust me it isn’t an understatement). It started off with Coach-Dooney-Louis Vuitton- then went up from there ( still obsessed with LV), and that brings me to the main part of this ramble post. I am OBSESSED and lusting over a few bags from LV. I haven’t purchased a LV in a while and I am saving for my next big purchase.

Currently from the new Summer 2014 collection from Louis Vuitton I am currently obsessed with the Louise in Rose Clair made in epi leather it is a gorgeous bag that is full leather and would be great for a night on the town! LV Lois

My favorite wallet from the collection is the Insolite Wallet Lilas or Rose Clair. The pop of color in the monogram is a great way to scream summer! With the gorgeous pastel colors, it really makes these new LV’s stand out from the usual dark canvas.

I hope to have these babies in my posession before the summer ends so I can brighten up my Louis Vuitton collection with cute pastels!

I hope everyone had a Great Easter, and I hope to hear what you think about the new LV collection and what your favorite fashion obsession is!

Xo V

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