Hump day & Balls.. baseballs that is








Oh what a glorious day it is, half way through the work week my favorite camel commercial and oh yes I went to the ball game with my darling best friend. For my birthday week, I try to do something celebratory every night! I went to the Rays vs. Minnesota ( I AM A YANKEE FAN ) but I went because hey, why the hell not?

Sitting in the club area in those big comfy leather seats right behind home plate, checking out the players pants ( yes there pants), unlimited food, beer, & wine what else can a girl ask for that is currently on a diet!? Oh I can think of one, my friggen boyfriend who DIDN’T COME TO THE GAME because he is in NY working so jealous. He actually sent me a picture of the skyline when driving during the sunrise so gorgeous.

Other then my darling boyfriend not being here, I needed this night more then anything, not having my ritual wine nights on the weekend is KILLING me and my social vibe. The one thing I like about going to baseball games is I actually know what is going on, I mean it’s hard to completely focus but it’s one of the sports I enjoy going to the stadium and watching live!

We had such a good time, beer galour and food! I think we both gained at least 5 pounds extra! It was a glorious night, and now it is time to pass out! Go Rays 😉

Xo V


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