Am I seriously getting older, what is this shit


I sound like such a hypocrite when I talk about how excited I am for my birthday week and how it’s my “special” day. Truth is the week coming up to is better then that “special” day as a kid. I love my family TO DEATH but getting texts all damn day, calls, social media bull shit ( thank god I got rid of FB) really do hate hearing happy birthday. Yes I am only 23 today but I have no more glory birthdays 30 & 50 are the next big ones like SHIT when did I become this old. To think that eating a crap ton of delicious food and crying because yes I’m on that time it sucks.  I did have a good birthday despite the fact my boyfriend of 3 years is long distance and I wont see him till May and I have more issues then vogue in my life currently I say it’s just another day.

I did spend a crap ton of money at Nordstrom buying a new handbag, Christian Louboutin shoes & some baublebar jewelry I did have a good shopping trip. I truly enjoy spending a day of leisure drinking my bottle (s) of wine and calling it a day with my big floppy hat on & some shades. That is life I think not running around to throw on stilettos and sip wine appropriately.

No, I want to fill my trienta Starbucks cup with wine ( a whole bottle of wine fits in there) and get brown.


I suppose happy birthday too me 😉

Xo V


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