In honor of TBT Circa 2012 Festival season!

SMF with my Bananna
I never wrote about my love for music and the EDM culture, yes I know it is very mainstream right now but before it was big, years ago I fell in love when I was just a little tike in middle school. I love the scene and the music and just dancing and having fun. When people hear that I go to “raves” they are like “are you a druggy?!” No I am not, just because you listen to this type of music and go to festivals & dance all night does not mean you take “molly” or “ecstasy” just to have fun.

With so many new ravers out there, it needs to be taught what is safe and what isn’t. It is so sad seeing these young adults and children wanting to be cool and not knowing what they are doing and overdosing. It is a tragedy and really gives a bad name to the culture behind people who have enjoyed this type of music for years.

For the past 6 years I have been going to Ultra, EDC, and of course flying to Miami & NY to support my need for dance music. This picture was taken in 2012 with one of my best friends dancing the day away at Tampa’s sunset music festival. I used to love going but as of this year (2014) I skipped out on the festivals and go straight to the undergrounds and clubs.

Music is something that speaks to everyone, everywhere whether it is country, rap, jazz, or a mixture of everything we all have a connection to that one song or that one artist we can’t get enough of!

I’d love to hear about your favorite festivals you go to!

Also, if anyone is interested SMF is on May 24&26 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL ft artist Hardwell, Zedd and many more!

Xo V
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