Rain Rain go away, but my burberrys get to come out & play..



I am in a rhyming type of mood obviously… whoever named Florida the Sunshine State is seriously disturbed. While it is extremely sunny and hot ALL THE TIME it rains quite frequently and I mean frequently. The best part of it raining though is getting to pull out my favorite rainboots my Burberry!


These are my favorite rainboots, I have tons of hunter rainboots but nothing beats burberry. I have a hard time finding the perfect rainboot because I am short and half of them go above my knee or too low for me :(.

My inspiration for this post was not because of the rain, but my lovely boyfriend and husband to be. We are not engaged (yet) it’s coming trust me ha but he is my rock. We have been in a long distance relationshp for 3 YEARS! Yes, 3 years it’s a crazy long time to be away from each other but probably about every other month we come and visit each other. He will be finally moving to Florida to start our life as a family in July which is extremely exciting! I will say, being long distance does help when you come back together from a long time apart and feel that butterfly in your heart and stomach.

He truly is the reason why I started this blog, I needed an outlet, a hobby per say instead of shopping & being melodramatic about everything. I used to write in a little diary that expressed everything from shopping, personal life, to random acts of kindness. It’s nice to be able to write about my life and things I love to people who feel the same way. I want to thank my followers for reading & everyone else that gives me inspiration.

Now, since it is a rainy day it would be perfect to sip on some hot tea & watch netflix for hours on end but unfortunately I will be in doors in my wonderful cube working hard 🙂

This post is to the love of my life xo



The Burberry Boots are purchased From Nordstrom


Make me smile!

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