Sunday morning calls for online shopping!

Online shopping is so much fun, I get to sit in the comfort of my own home surf online and buy things. I love it when stores offer free shipping & free returns (meaning not charge to send your clothes back for shipping). Nordstrom is my favorite store which everyone knows that reads my blog. For the first time ever though, I decided to look online at Venus , I used to buy swimsuits there before the store shut down in St. Pete and still receive the catalogs so I decided to do some browsing and found some really cute outfits. 

I am a dress wearer, I prefer to wear a dress before any other outfit choice they are so comfortable to wear out shopping and some aren’t so binding like pants and shorts can be. Since I am traveling up north to Philly this month to see my lovely boyfriend, I decided to purchase some dresses for our date night! 

One shoulder maxi dress

I love this dress, it is so casual yet classy. The one shoulder gives it a look that most Maxi dresses don’t have instead of being a tube top or a strapless! 

Black Multi Fitted Print Dress
Black Multi Fitted Print Dress

As soon as I saw this dress my first words were stunning! I am IN LOVE with the way this looks, the graphics on it makes it look elegant and stylish. It is a great date night dress that is sexy yet not to revealing to give a little imagination 😉

Black & White Stripe skirt dress
Black & White Stripe Skirt Dress

This dress is so cute, this is great to wear for a date night also, with the tight stripe skirt and a top that looks like a “tank” it doesn’t make it look like a dress. This is a great outfit to work also, throw on a cardigan and you are good to go! 

I hope you guys had a great Sunday thanks for reading! 

Xo V

Right now, you get free shipping over $100 at Venus, use code freeship67

Dresses purchased from Venus


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