Monday blue’s with Hautelook & Rue lala

Ugh, I can already tell this is going to be a long week, with tons of things to do and leaving for up North I can’t even come to terms with how much I have to do. Working in banking can be tiring, but it is great to not have to work with customers. On my break, I enjoy being able to go on my Ipad and check out new things available online such as, Ruelala a great discount site that has deals starting at 11 am & also Hautelook which deals also start at 11am. I love these sites because they have such a variety of things from kitchen ware, women’s clothing, kids, and luxury items.

It’s great to be able to purchase things at a discount and not have to worry about the big priced items. Although, the catch is with these sites is that there is only a certain amount of products and sizes available for a certain amount of time. Getting on these sites early in the morning is great to check out everything and purchase what you need before others get on!

I have been on an online shopping frenzy since Saturday, it’s a drug I can’t quit! I am ready for this week to be over ending my day with my Personal trainer ( ugh) to kick my ass!


Xo V


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