I am breaking up with you Monday

Storage Bins from Ikea
Door rack

Mondays is the child that we all don’t want to introduce at fancy get together and to new friends.

I know that made no sense but in my eyes it did ha! While this is a short week for me at work, I will be starting class technically today but physically going to class on Wed (yuck!). It’s the dreaded summer that I have not been looking forward to. I have been behind in my credits to graduate with my BS and I was supposed to last semester until the college I transferred from decided to be a see you next Tuesday. Therefor, I have to re take the SAME class but with a different code name WTF is this shit! It sucks but hey, I have to do it to get the hell out of school ( for now).

OK enough with the school talk, I decided to start really organizing my closet. It is so small it’s a problem. I color code all my clothing from light to dark. I have been debating about putting dresses separately from tops but can’t seem to think where to put it. I finally got a shoe rack on the back of my door which has actually been a blessing. I have so many shoes that I probably could use another 2 of them but for now they are in clear organizing boxes so I can see which shoe is in which container. 

For my Handbags, I purchased these containers from Ikea that I loved, the only downside is I can’t see what is inside the box! I love the fact they have tons of room in the box though and the floral print is cute! I put my handbags in by brand so they all stay together..

How do you  organize your closet? I’d love to hear better organization ideas!

Xo V

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