Brows are seriously important..


This is going to sound very weird and honest. I NEVER did my brows ( except wax), I never saw or really understood what a great brow can do for your face and even your eyes. I decided since I am currently obsessed with brows all the products I purchase for the perfect brow and a naked eye ( no shadow). My go to product EVERY morning & night is the Boscia de puffing. It works like magic, as soon as you swipe it on you feel the coolness and tingling. You can swipe this on through out the day also to “wake up” your eyes! Nex I use my brow pencil to comb my brows and then use the brow fix to use as a primer for the shadow! I lightly line with a feather whisk the top and bottom of my brows using the brow pencil. Shadow in the rest with the powder making it nice and bold then use the most AMAZING Gel the Anastasia brow gel.

As you can see, all of these products are Anastasia ( except my favorite CoverGirl mascara ) I really have found these are the best products personally to use for brows!

What do you use for your perfect brow?

Xo V

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Products are all available at Sephora

Boscia De Puffing  ~ Anastasia Med Brown Powder ~ Anastaisa Brow Fix  ~ Anastasia Brow Gel ~ Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil


2 thoughts on “Brows are seriously important..

    1. Hi Andrea! I actually use paint! I copy & paste the pictures and just make them smaller to make it sort of a collage and be able to type what it is! It’s super helpful when you want to display a ton of things at once instead of seperate pictures :)!

      Thank you for following also!
      Xo V


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