Take your Alma to class day!


Target Dress
Target Dress
Tiffany & Co necklace
Louis Vuitton Alma

It is getting SO hot in FL, sticky hot is the worse. Not only is it hot, it has been raining for the past 2 days hopefully it will be nice and clear for the weekend!! I wore an old Target dress to be comfortable in class with a black & white print and neon green zipper! 

I decided to post a picture of what I wore to class, It’s super basic light weight and nothing to brag about but great for a 3 hour lecture. Sadly I did not have my candy ( jewelry) game on but I did have my favorite Louis Vuitton!

My alma is my all time favorite handbag, I purchased a strap to make it easier to lug around when I have things to carry. It has just enough space to carry most my belongings without it being way to big!

What is your favorite handbag?

Thank you for following & reading please let me know your comments I’d love to read them!

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