Short Vaycay packing trips!

carry on

Above is pretty much an idea what I put in my Louis Vuitton Piano Calabas GM handbag ( Discontinued) my favorite purse for travel!

I know everyone is posting tips on how to pack light and “accordingly” when you are taking a trip and don’t or can’t lug your whole roll on plus an extra duffle with you. I have a problem when it comes to packing, I pack at least 2-3 extra outfits, extra undergarments, extra shoes.

The worse part for me is when I travel on an airline that charges you per bag you check on AND a carryon! Therefor, this is my goal to stick every piece I need into one carryon a 19″ duffle bag( not including my handbag).

I decided to wear my most comfortable shoe on the plane and pack 2 more. I tend to bring at least 2 pairs of heels, but this time  I will have to pack one heel, and one sandal ( or a flip flop) and wear my loafers on the plane.  I found the best thing to do is roll everything and put the bulkiest items at the bottom and work your way up. Make sure you put your toilettries on top so they are easy access. Bring everything that you CANNOT  buy at the store and leave the shampoo, body wash, conditioner ( any major liquid items) and buy travel size when you get to your destination.

I always pack my charger for my laptop ( or Ipad) and my phone in my purse and carry my laptop with me also. I throw one dress in my carry on also and makeup just in case my bag gets lost! This is great because it gives you extra room in your bag to fit the extra things you buy!

What travel packing trips do you have? Share with me! I need to learn more!

Xo V

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2 thoughts on “Short Vaycay packing trips!

  1. I prefer using solid toiletries where I can, as that gives more room in my 3-1-1 bag for other items. I use a crystal deodorant stick, solid shampoo bar, solid hand lotion, and as much solid makeup as possible. I also decant my liquids into the smallest bottle possible. Most liquids don’t need a full 3 oz. Face lotions, liquid makeup, etc. usually only need 1 or 1-1/2 oz for a two week trip. I prefer using used eye-drop bottles because these store compactly. Go-Tubes are big and bulky. I decant all my liquids ahead of time and keep them ready in my luggage. I top off after every trip. That’s one less thing to worry about.
    Make sure your clothing items go together as a wardrobe. Mix, match, layer them for different looks. Add accessories for variation.
    If all else fails use flat rate shipping to send things home. It costs less than checked bag fees.


    1. Those are some great ideas ! I always end up having to check it because I am unable to really mix and match ( I enjoy variety). The bottles are a great idea I stead of purchasing! Thank you so much for the Input I will definitely use some of these tips!

      Thanks for reading xo V


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