Zuma is for the coordinated.

At work, we are doing this weight loss contest that I did last sort of based off  The Biggest Loser but easier and more “friendly”. Ha! One of my good friends that I have known forever that I now work with approached me to take dance classes with her. Not ballroom dance, not salsa but Zumba, Belly Dancing class, and Hula class and I begged her to let us do yoga also!

I am completely unprepared for this, I have tried Zumba on that Xbox Connect crap and I about killed myself doing it! I am excited to get this started though for my new and improved life style. I guess it helps that I am seeing the love of my life next weekend!!

If you live in St. Petersburg Florida, I recommend signing up at hip-expressions . It’s $30 for 30 days unlimited classes, and the teachers are so nice and its’ a great fun workout!

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Xo V

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