A post about handbags.. Mostly my LV MC


White Speedy ( just got fixed)
White Speedy ( just got fixed)

I am assuming that my blog will mostly consumer of handbags I do have quite a bit of them! This post, I will talk about my beloved MC collection and the 2 that I sold 😦 WHYYY!!   I have two multicolor speedy’s black & white which are my favorite! I never use them but they have always been such a fun bag. I have sold so many of my Louis Vuitton handbags from not using and extremely upset with my decision but my 2 MC pieces I sold was my White Alma MC and my mini HL black multicolor.

I completely regret selling the Alma, I just wasn’t a huge fan of “Alma” at the time. Believe it or not , my MC alma was my first ever Alma! I soon got the monogram Alma AFTER I got rid of the MC. It’s so depressing and with the Louis Vuitton prices constantly going up, it is so hard to purchase any of the MC items!

I am considering getting rid of both the Black MC & white MC because I am loving newer handbags and these babies haven’t come out in years!  What to do??

I hope you guys have a great Saturday!

Xo V

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