Social networking

When it comes to social networking I don’t mind it but there are times which is usually I can’t stand it. I feel social networking at times gives people an excuse to butt into conversations and debate (most the time) about stupid shit. Last night I was so wonderfully somehow brought into one of the stupidest debates about a statement that was clearly just the thought of the moment.

I was at a restaurant and the young girl teenager was being very obnoxious, and on twitter I wrote “Women should be seen not heard” yes this can be a misleading statement but me of all people especially people who know me should know I am FAR from that type of person. Was it really that bad of a statement to be almost attacked on twitter for that person to say that I’m basically saying I am insinuating that women should not voice there opinions or original thoughts? REALLY!??? Girl bye, apparently I should state my whole thought on social media saying MEN AND WOMEN shouldn’t be obnoxious , yes that is true but it’s a STATEMENT social media! I don’t have to sit here and write my explanations for everything I say do?

I really don’t feel people should get involved with what people are saying unless it is directed towards you.

I’d LOVE thoughts on this and how you feel about social media.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and HAPPY MONDAY!

xo V

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2 thoughts on “Social networking

  1. Awesome post. I could NOT agree more. People take other peoples’ posts too seriously on social media. I hate how people attack other people on there, even when they do not know them personally. It’s so easy for your posts to be misconstrued by others and then blown out of proportion. I’m glad to see someone else speak up about this topic.


    1. I appreciate it! I never rarely post “thoughts” on social media meaning FB or Twitter I don’t even have a facebook! The first time I did had a single thought I got ambushed and was extremely confused and couldn’t believe how one thing can be taken so out of control!

      Thanks for Visting! Xo V


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