I tried a Beer Shake

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The title explains it all, I tried a Beer Shake. It did not sound appetizing nor did it even look good but the fact that there is now beer shakes made me say what the heck why not! I tried a Blue Moon Beer Shake from Red Robin and truthfully, it was actually really good! According to Urban Dictionary a Beer shake is when your body has the shakes from withdrawl of drinking HA! Actually no, it is a beer in a shake with some type of liquor and ice cream I believe it was?

The exact recipe for the blue moon shake is”We blend together Blue Moon® Belgian White Beer, Cointreau® Orange Liqueur, and orange juice with soft serve ice cream to make this creamy concoction!” – Red Robin

Head over to the famous burger joint to try this yummy shake! If you are 21 and older of course!

Happy Thursday!

Xo V

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