I am becoming a drug store junky





Happy June!

On my lunch breaks, I get bored so I go to shops close by. Since there are no malls near me, I have been going and binging at Drug stores CVS & Walgreens. These are one stop shops for almost anything at a little higher price. I have recently became re-obsessed with nail polish colors & lipstick.

Deciding to try some drug store brands, I usually always buy from Sephora or MAC have maybe bought one item from the beauty aisles in Target, CVS or Walgreens until recently…

The other day, I was browsing the cosmetics and spotted a 50% off section of Revlon nail polish and lipsticks and ultimately got drawed in. Not sure if it was the atmosphere, being bored, or actually being obsessed. I ended up buying 4 nail polish, 2 lipstick, and the lip stain.

So far this Revlon nail polish kicks ass! I am loving this Rich rasberry color ( seen on instagram) and can’t get enough of it! I am hoping that just because they are currently on sale doesn’t mean they are being discontinued! I will be heartbroken ugh!

What are your favorite drug store brands? Give me some tips!

Xo V




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