Taco Tuesday with great kitchen ware!

My family and I love Taco Tuesday, we have some margs as a famil and eat up our tacos! Now this isn’t an every Tuesday thing, but it is probably once a month when we stock up on eating taco salads and burritos!

My favorite thing about Taco Tuesday though is the dinnerware I purchased from my neighborhood Avon lady at work! Now, I know Avon can be over priced and I probably could find it somewhere else BUT  I just love enjoying getting goody bags filled with things I don’t need at work! ( True shopaholic)

I couldn’t resist purchasing this Ceramic Lettuce Bowl for $19.99 I got a bowl shaped like lettuce which is great for when we have salads at the table!


I also picked up this Chilli Tortilla Warmer ($19.99) & Tortilla serving tray for dips ($16.99)

Sometimes you just have to make dinner a little more fun then just plane kitchen ware!

What is your favorite item to eat as a family?!

Thanks for stopping by!

Xo V



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