I am addicted to Black Olives…


This is such a weird but true post, I can consume olives like nothing. When I was younger  I always thought they were healthy, they are a vegetable right?! Although, with the sodium intake it pretty much cancels out any healthyness at all. The only reason why I am having a post on my addiction to black olives is because of the fact that I joined Weight Watchers.. yes for the 2nd time I decided to give it a go.

On one of my posts a while back, I was speaking about my problems with Nutrisystem and how being on a diet sucks and it really does. Having to look at labels and go out to eat with friends & family can bite you in the butt. I will say, I am glad that I DO  want to diet and be healthy not only for myself, but my family as well. As I am typing this, I conusmed 16 olives, which is 4 points to be exact… who would of thought I would count out how many olives I ingest!

Sheesh! I hope you guys have a good day & who ever is struggling with diets and keeping the weight off I am here with you!

Tell me about your story, I’d love some inspritation

Xo V

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