Sinful Shine Nail polish ( what a bliss!)

Sinful Shine Nail Polish
Sinful Shine Nail Polish

As many of you know, I have been a drug story junky & a nail polish junky for the past few weeks shopping on my lunch break. Last week, I decided to go MAJOR cheap and purchase this Sinful Shine nail polish at Walgreens, for only .99 which was on sale from 1.99 STILL A STEAL!  I didn’t have much hope for this product at all, figured it would chip and the polish would not be easy to put on the and brush would probably suck.

I was wrong, this nail polish went on so smoothly and the color is phenomenal for only .99 this is probably one of the best bargain buys I’ve had yet! I have seen this brand at Target but I will say it is cheaper at walgreens! I recommend trying out this brand,  I don’t think you will be dissapointed with the results!

What are your favorite nail polish brands? Thank you all so much for following along & reading, you guys are so amazing!

Xo V

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