Men Nordstrom Sale! Get your loved ones something great!


Lacoste V Neck ~ Flat Front Cotton Shorts ~ 1909 Linen Shirt~ Burberry Bifold Wallet ~ Sperry

I am so sorry for not posting the past few days, I have been extremely sick and barely able to do anything. While I was sick, I shopped online for a little bit and found some great pieces for every man in my family, Brother, Father & my boyfriend!
I just love spoiling them with clothing ( since they won’t shop on there own) and at great prices during the Nordstrom Men Sale it was spot on! These are just some quick picks that I saw, Sperrys my brother is obsessed with, my boyfriend needs a new wallet and this burberry one is great! The shorts & tops are great for all 3 ( except my dad prefers everything collared)

How was your weekend? I hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day!

Xo V

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