Valentino Resort Collection 15′





Pictures were borrowed from Purse Blog Forum & brag my bag.

I love everything Valentino, especially the Rock Stud collection but… I will say the resort collection 2015 with the psychedelic didn’t really catch my eye, in fact I felt some of it was tacky looking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love colors especially when it comes to accessories & shoes to make an outfit POP but sometimes it’s over the edge.  Although some of the collection is beautiful and on point I think I will stick to the solid colors from Valentino :d

What are your thoughts on the new collection? Are you loving the colors?!

Xo Victoria

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2 thoughts on “Valentino Resort Collection 15′

  1. I agree with you. I prefer his “normal” line as well. The thing is that a lot of these designers go a little more out of the box when it comes to their limited edition or resort collections. Don’t worry, these designs are not here to stay! Lol… 🙂


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