Monday Weight down

Happy Monday everyone, while we are all having the morning blue’s from this long weekend. I have had to do a lot of “self” reinventing & lifestyle changes. With being gluten & lactose intolerant it’s been very hard to eat and find things that can nourish my body that won’t give me a hard time. With that being said, with my new lifestyle change & my post op surgery from last Wed I have lost a total of 6 pounds.. yes 6 pounds. I am eating everything I possibly am allowed too but dropping weight too quickly. If you have read my past posts, I had been on  crazy weight loss programs and was trying to find ways too enjoy life instead of starving myself frequently.

I am hoping so much that eating gluten-free & only veggies & fruit will help me get the nutrients I need and really keep my weight loss on track.

Does anyone else have gluten or lactose intolerance combined? I’d love some new recipes!

Xo Victoria

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