Decorating a Cube Farm


As many of you know, I work in a cube, and have the joys of walls & fortunately windows so I can see my fellow workers next to me! When I first started working at a desk, I had a problem with the plainness, I immediately would look and be tired. I decided to spice up my cube with things that are comforting, things I can look at and feel happy when seeing them.

I use some fake flowers to get the feeling of outdoors, and I paired it with a mini water fountain so I can hear the sounds of water. I have pictures of my love & my best friend in a frame & I also made a huge collage of photos that is on my desk. It’s crazy to say that I have an air freshener in here, & all the lotions & hand scrubs I need!

What do you do to spice up your desk?


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Xo Victoria


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