15 things I wouldn’t wear Tag


I love doing these posts and actually putting thought into what I would never wear! I was tagged by the lovely Soph to do this tag!

1. Crocs is my never could I wear shoe ever. Some people love them and how comfortable they are but, I just can’t get the look of them out of my head.

2. Vibram 5 toe running shoe. I feel as if they look like frogs.. I hope that doesn’t insult anyone, but when I look at it I think ribbit ribbit 🙂

3. Plaid tops, some people can REALLY pull these off me on the other hand I just look ridiculous

4. Fuzzy boots, I go to EDM concerts a lot & the one thing you will never catch me wearing are these! It looks like you put a wooly mammoth on your feet!

5. Cut out tops.. I am not even sure the name of this atrocity but this can say it all.

6. Band Tee’s, I don’t know why but band tees were never my style. I could never pull when off just imagine me wearing a top that says Tiesto on it? Weird right?

7. Word T’s I am sorry..  I don’t think I would want to wear a top that says Hottie or Kiss me, or anything else that shows too much “attention” towards yourself 🙂 I’m SORRY!

8. Long nails, they are impractical and I’d be afraid I’d break them every time I went to do something!

9. Combat Boots.. I’ve actually always wanted to wear some and have looked but I can’t pull it off for ANYTHING! I look out of place when I wear them 🙂 haha

10. Gladiator Sandals… Like I said some people can pull them off and they look amazing on them, me my calves are too big & I am too short to pull anything off knee-high!

11. Kitten heels, they eek me I am sure they are so much more comfortable than regular heels but.. they aren’t usually made for comfort! : )

12. Drop Crop Pants! Makes me think of MC Hammer & I can’t imagine feeling anything that low on me

13. Jordans… I have never liked them nor will I probably like them, aren’t my style however, they do look great on some people!

14.  Sandals with socks (  minus slides) Please.. don’t do this I know people don’t like showing their feet but please.

15. An outfit in head to toe same color … I love color don’t get me wrong but sometimes, there is TO MUCH color! I couldn’t find a picture.. but something that is a set like a top and shorts there the same color or print, then you have the matching shoes, then the same color accessories.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone in this post! This is all stuff I could never wear, it is a fun post! Make sure you tag me if you’d like to do one!

Xo Victoria

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