Wine is my therapy



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Happy Friday & beginning of August! For all those who are working, may you celebrate graciously with wine :). I am still on bed rest of course, and I am enjoying getting love packages too my bed. I ordered this amazing 2015 organizer from Kate Spade, I am an organizer junky & I love having all my x’s in a row! I highly recommend this organizer for anyone who needs help.

I purchased The wine is cheaper than therapy sign & this Kadota Fig soy candle at Nordstrom Rack last weekend, and it smells sooo good! I highly recommend hitting up your local Nordstrom Rack to get these candles!

Of course, last but not least one of my FAVORITE rock necklaces was purchased from etsy handmade, by Delezhen with a white quartz rock, & my initials V T on leaves, this couldn’t have gotten any better.

Xo Victoria

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4 thoughts on “Wine is my therapy

    1. Thank you! I was searching everywhere for a cute planner, I saw it on Kate Spade and was debating between the gold polka dots & stripes! I love meeting fellow Florida bloggers, I haven’t found any close to Tampa! Thanks for stopping by!


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