Contouring w/ NARS & Sephora







Sephora Illuminizer ~ NARS Contour Blush

Those are the two most perfect words, Sephora & NARS makeup.. I was hunting on sephora for some new makeup, trying to find some great makeup for contouring. Truthfully I am new to the whole game of contouring your face and still working on perfecting it but, I did fall in love with this NARS Contour blush. I bought the Olympia which is an Ivory/Rose which is perfect for my fair skin. Prior to using NARS contour I used the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Sculpting Contour trio which was amazing! 

What are your favorite tips for contouring? Any great foundations specifically for it?! I am using Pinterest as my guide currently 😉 


Xo Victoria 



4 thoughts on “Contouring w/ NARS & Sephora

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      1. Thank you, you rock!! Keep an eye out on my post in the next week or so when the giveaway starts and there will be directions and stuff on how to enter. If you want, you can check out too! The winner of the giveaway gets a $30 gift card to their site!


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