In a sellers world on Ebay




I have been selling some of my pre owned to brand new goods on ebay for quite some time, I get rid of the old & in with the new. I have parted with some of my favorite handbags & heels over the years because I just didn’t use it. Just to name a few handbags  I let go for a crazy bargain was my Louis Vuitton Multicolor Speedy in black & white , LV Speedy 35 in damier azur, and most recently my LV delightful MM.

It’s been such a hard thing to decide over the years, but I will say once you do it, it’s sad at first then you get over it 🙂 I frequently clean out my closet, & most my friends always ask when are you getting rid of this handbag! So, as friends of the blogging community this is my site on Ebay and if you ever take a gander let me know!

Who else sells there personals on Ebay? Is it worth it too you? Is there a better way of selling online?

Thank you for stopping by, I enjoy reading everyones comments!

Have a great hump day!

Xo Victoria



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