My personal experience with plastic surgery

I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting this week due to my surgery that I had on Monday but I feel a bit better to post something quick and something that doesn’t require picture taking :). In 2012 I had decided to get plastic surgery done, not boob implants, not a nose job but liposuction. It was my “jump start” to my new beginning, something that I had wanted for the longest time to help with how I’ve been feeling about my image. Most people don’t know I had lipo, which I choose not to let it known but it has been an experience I can personally never forget.

It was one of the hardest, and most difficult pains I personally have had to go through at a young age, with not even a major surgery behind my belt I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Tears ran down my face as I was waiting to go into surgery begging and praying to anyone I possibly can saying “what was I thinking!” I did  not want go through with this, I was beyond scared but there was nothing I could do, I had to do it!

Thankfully, the plastic surgeon I chose is one of my closest family friends Dr. Brandon Mang that has plastic surgery centers in Pinellas Park, FL ( which is where I went) and Atlanta, Georgia!

I remember faintly that he had told my mom that this was one of his hardest surgeries he has done, with an 8 hour job and sweat going down his face his work was complete. I had a total of 8 incisions, and boy it was hard. With tons of tears, calls, and pain killers later, I some how made it through the hardest and most painful 2 weeks I had. I won’t go into complete details but it took me around 3 months to actual start feeling “normal” again, Constantly wearing a medical gurtle around my stomach, having to have help with bathing, I will have to say, as of today I think of the pro’s and cons of the surgery and think to myself was it really worth it?

I know that next time, I will be mentally and PHYSICALLY ready to have this type of surgery next time.. Don’t rush into anything because YOU feel a need to look or feel better because of what image people want to see. Be healthy, work out & live life in a safe way!

My personal opinion to anyone who has ever considered major liposuction is think about it, is it necessary to get done? Can you work out and get rid of it? Think of all the new ways to loose weight before jumping to the surgery that is hard on your body.

Thank you for stopping by, will post again hopefully sometime this week!

Lots of love,




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