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Baublebar Rainbow Crystal Cord Pendant ~ Baublebar Quartz Charm Bracelet ~ Baublebar Layered Bead Bracelet ~ Baublebar Turquoise Excelsior Pendant Necklace

I know I am not the only girl who is currently OBSESSED with Baublebar, such a cute line of accessories at affordable prices. Who doesn’t love rocking Aztec earrings & colorful jewels to make any outfit go above and beyond? I picked up a few pieces during there 30% off sale about a week ago, and I couldn’t WAIT to wear them out and about! 

 am completely in love with the rainbow cord pendant, a long colorful strand holding up a “BANG” of a pendant simply gorgeous and can make up any outfit. The Quarz charm & layered bracelets are perfect for layering and are just enough stretch to make them comfy! I love the excelsior pendant necklace, I am obsessed with stones and have them all around the house, natural stones have certain meanings to them and this was perfect to add to the jewelry collection!

What do you think of these Baublebar pieces? Which are your favorite?

Xo Victoria

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