Shellac with me

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I used to go to the nail salon to get my shellac manicures but I did purchase a new LED dryer and some amazing shellac colors! Most the time, these dryers and nail polishes can cost a fortune but thankfully Hautelook they have great prices frequently on everything shellac! 

I also took a picture of this amazing Orly product that helps clean your nails prior to putting the shellac base on & after so it’s specifically for the shellac unlike using regular nail polish. The remover works wonders! No more stubborn taking 15 minutes to wrap your fingers in foil it comes right off in minutes! 

If you aren’t familiar with Hautelook, it is a “member” only site but you everyone is able to sign up and I completely think you should sign up! The shellac at home is GREAT for girls nights, or to pamper yourself, the best part is shellac lasts forever! 

Do you prefer shellac over regular nail polish? Lets hear thoughts! 

Xo Victoria




5 thoughts on “Shellac with me

    1. I buy all my shellac nail polish and even the UV light on ebay, hautelook and even amazon. The uv light was 30 on hautelook nail polishes 3-8 and the cleaner was 4 on hautelook! I change my nails frequently ans around here, its about 30 every other week to get them professionally done!


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