DIY jewelry cleaning

It’s not really a DIY but I learned last night for the first time that if you wanted to clean your jewelry diamonds, sterling silver, white gold etc you can actually put them in a bowl of rubbing alcohol to clean them. It doesn’t make them as beautiful as if you were to get them professionaly clean but they get all the goo and dirt out of it to make them shiny again!

What do you do to clean your jewelry?

Xo Victoria



4 thoughts on “DIY jewelry cleaning

    1. Trust me, I was SO scared to put them in there. I kept asking my dad over and over again and he said I would never let you clean your expensive jewelry with crap hah. If you want, do it on earrings that you use frequently you usually can see the “cleaning” after a few hours! Let me know how it goes and thank you for stopping by!
      Xo Victoria


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