I washed my Red Lipstick

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With tears literally coming down my face as I write this post, I had just found out I WASHED my favorite MAC red lipstick in the wash… You are asking how do you wash it, how can you just wash your lipstick… Well I went to the Rays vs Yankee game last week with my my main B & I love love love wearing my red lipstick when I have my dark hair! Since I just recently went back to the dark side, I said time to put the V back in Victoria ( I call it my alter ego)… So lets just say I put my lipstick in my pocket for touch ups, I don’t really want to lug around a bag or even a satchel when I am drinking beer, shouting, & lusting over Derek Jeter ( yes, I am a HUGE Yankees fan). I literally had tears in my eyes because it was the last game in St. Pete that he would be playing in & the tribute was just phenomenal. Ok , back on track so I had thrown my clothes in the wash and load and be hold.. there was red all in the washing machine on one of my blouses, my little brothers soccer jersey & my express shorts. I did everything & anything to hold in my composure and just put some hairspray on it & rub rub rub. Didn’t work….

I decided what the hell, I am going to perk myself up & try a new Lipstick I received as a Sample in the mail from Sephora from Make up Forever Rouge Artist Natural in the color ” N9“. It’s not my hot ass Red lips, its a copper pink with a slight slight tint of red, it’s deff a change from the red I am use to, but hey at least it has a tint of red to hold me off till I can hall butt to the MAC counter!

Show me some love!

Xo Victoria



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