Quick Hairstyle





I am a major beginner when it comes to doing tutorials, but I decided to go ahead and “attempt” one because so many people that I have been around keep asking me how I do my hair! This is one of my favorite things to do when I wear headbands that have a full wrap around style. I call it the “classy hippy” my dad knows I have a tendancy to wear my headbands like the flower child he has known me to be, but this is a new take on it!

1. you tie just the top layer of your hair ( not too much) and put it in a pony

2. Grab the bottom half of the loose hair and throw it in a bun so it does not get in the way.

3. Put your headband on “hippy style” on top of all your hairas a crown and then push it slightly back to pull your bangs away.

4. The layer with the pony ( this is the quickest and easiest way) grab it and pull it through the headband so it loops

5. untie the hair and push it out so it covers the whole headband

6. take out the bottom hair and wahla! You have a little mini crown on your head that hides your headband!

I hope you guys like this style as much as I do, it’s a great way to dress up your look and kind of a “roman” style 🙂

Xo Victoria




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