Start of Fall Lipsticks

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I hoard lipsticks, and I may have a problem but you do need new lip colors for every season! I have started collecting on my Fall & Winter pieces recently, as even though Red is my staple piece I needed some more dark colors.

From a variety from Drug store brands too name brands these lipsticks easily glide on with a beautiful texture that moisture.

Lets start off with this Revlon “Plum Velour” color, the picture makes it look bright but it is a dark color that is simply gorgeous at a great price! My favorite Bite Lipstick in “Pepper” is a great higher end lipstick that is so luscious and moisturizes soo well! Now, I will say I am not a huge fan of Avon products, but I loved this lip stick color & it was only $4!! Holy Moly! The color is Plum seduction & it sure holds up to its name!

Last but not least the Estee Lauder “Rose Tea” is a lipstick that I actually received in a sample package that I am in love with! I love Estee Lauder products as they always last long!

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