Extentions or No Extentions?



I have a habit of playing a little eye trick at work when I wear my hair in a Pony.. My hair is faily long but when you put your hair up, it looks shorter then it actually is. With my little trick that I have been doing for quite sometime  I actually make my hair look longer almost like there are extentions in to make my hair look fuller & more lucious!

Step 1. Seperate your hair into two pieces like half up & half down. Put the top piece in a high pony and the bottom in a low pony.

Step 2. All done! With the hair being lower you can’t see the hair tie underneath because it is hidden by the top pony which gives you a longer fuller look!

20141008_120624 20141008_120608

What are your favorite quick hair styles?

Thanks for stopping by! You guys are all wonderful & I appreciate the support!

Xo Victoria



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