Monday sadness






Monday is here and it brings a sudden sadness or my heart, even though today is Columbus Day and I am off from work, I still can’t shake the feeling the weekend is already over. I spent a wonderful weekend In Orlando after I had a ton of procedures Friday for some medical issues. Let me just say,it’s exhausting and quite depressing ha. Fortunately Tate was in town to take care of me, and support me while having my procedures done which was perfect.
Saturday – Monday we spend time going to our favorite theme parks Universal & Islands of adventure for a fun (hot) filled day traveling to Hogwarts! Can you believe that it’s 90+degrees out and it’s the middle of October? Where art thou fall???
Sunday evening we went to Halloween Horror Nights and lets just say… I don’t do scary things very well nearly capooped myself hah (just kidding). In other words, live vicariously through these pictures and have a great Monday ;)!

Xo Victoria
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