Just Fab

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I am new to Just Fab & never really thought of subscribing and trying them out till one late late night, I was binge shopping and looking for great deals and said What the H!? Lets try this out!

I am actually pretty glad I did, I bought the Christiana heels for $14.95 including shipping for being a first time buyer! Who can beat that price? Seriously, that is what really dragged me in. It’s kind of a great concept, for $39.95 a month you can buy either a pair of shoes, handbags, or other trinkets and there are free exchanges and returns! The best part is, if you decide to not purchase the next month you DON’T have to pay $39.95, it’s so simple! The only con I have with these shoes so far is they are so slippery, will deff have to buy some rubber soles to put on the bottom to make them walkable!

I can’t wait to see what comes up in the upcoming months, to see what I can snag for a steal! Let’s just say what girl doesn’t love buying shoes for cheap?!

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