Chocolate covered Oreo Balls

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YUM! I love me some oreo balls for a quick dessert and the best part is, it’s great to bring to parties!

Things you need

Oreo balls is 3 ingredients only

  • Oreos ( 2 packs makes about 40) depending on the size you roll them
  • 2 packages of soft cream cheese
  • baking chocolate
  • Blender ( or do it by hand!)
  • wax paper


  1. Crush the oreos either using your hands or shoving them in a blender
  2. Get your cream cheese and mix it in with the oreos
  3. Mix it very well together and then get wax paper
  4. Roll the mixture into a ball and place it on wax paper
  5. After you roll them, put it in the fridge about an hour
  6. heat up the baking chocolate, my favorite is white chocolate and regular chocolate
  7. Dip the oreo balls in to them very carefully
  8. place back in fridge for about 30 more minutes
  9. ALL DONE! Nom Nom!!

Xo Victoria



2 thoughts on “Chocolate covered Oreo Balls

  1. OH yum!! I sure wish I had one of those right about now. I made some of these for a Christmas party a few years ago and they were great! Thanks for reminding me of this recipe!


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