Preparing for Black Friday

Can I just say… I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

I for one and not a huge fan of going out on Black Friday to go shopping, to me I’d rather spend the extra bucks then to deal with the people and the crowds. If I do go it’s usually a few hours after the store is open and ONLY for things I really need that I know will be in stock ( not big priced items).

I put together some MUST HAVES for braving the crowds from when I worked at best buy for over 3 years ( about 4 years ago), express ( about 4 years ago) & target ( about 6-7 years ago).. I call those years the dark ages.

I highly recommend making a list, go online to the stores you wish to go to. My favorite site to take a look at the ads all on one place is Black Friday Online.

From there, make your list what you want to get at each store, the pricing and how much you want to spend. Yes, you should write a budget for each store… you can get out of hand very easily.

At best buy, if you are looking to buy higher priced items such as televisions, appliances, or computers get there EARLY people have been sleeping out there for weeks already. They give out “coupons” ย for the item you want from first person in line to last. That “coupon” is your golden ticket!!

black friday

Grab a protein bar, coffee, list, credit cards, comfy shoes & some Advil oh & a satchel!

Those of you who don’t like going to the stores, almost EVERYTHING is available online at most retailers ๐Ÿ˜‰ that is how I love to shop!

Good luck Dolls have a great holiday & black friday, & see you back here for Cyber Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰

This post is NOT sponsored, all opinions are of my own.xoVictoria-2


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