Day 1 of my fitness journey

About 2-3 weeks ago, I had said every Saturday I’d post my journey to weight loss. Since it is finally after Thanksgiving, and I filled my tummy with food that would be bad for any diet today is the day I start. I am starting to work out again with my younger brother, having been on no carb diets and had a personal trainer/nutritionist the past times I lost 40 pounds this time it’s all on my own. If you are on the journey to make the last month count to start a great New year lets do this together!

Time for a healthier, better you to increase your lifespan not just look great in clothes xox.

Workout consisted of: 11/29 Arms & Abs

20 minutes of Cardio

2 sets of 10 on (4) machines

Free weights 2 sets of 5

30 crunches

Love hearing advice let’s hear it dolls!




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