GlamST for IOS

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So as a girl, and obsessed with beauty sometimes I don’t know what makeup look I want to use for that day. Whether it is wearing a glamour eye makeup, classic, or vamped up. There are so many choices and color combinations possible for the perfect eye and makeup look. I had the chance to try out the new app called GlamSt from the Apple store ( not yet available on android) and I will say, at first I was a little skeptical and it is hard to work with but with practice it gives you an “idea” on how it should look.

The steps are super easy, you first sign up, take a selfie ( preferably with no makeup on) and then pick the look you want. These red dots appear on your face and you are to make them fit your eyes, lips, and shape of head. This is the part I will say is the most difficult, and when it loads the makeup on your face, it does look a bit weird some look like caked on makeup, but this is great for someone who wants color combinations.

GlamST site | Purchase here for Free on Apple Itunes store!

This is a sponosored post, all content and thoughts are of my own.



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