Holiday gift exchange ideas

So we all have different holidays we celebrate, from Kwanza to Hanukkah to Christmas etc we all love exchanging gifts to each other. Instead of the normal “here you go happy holiday gift” lets create a fun game out of it!

These are some of my favorite games to play with friends/family/ or even co-workers!

Secret Santa, I am sure everyone knows how to play this but if not each person draws a name out of a hat and it’s your job to be as secret as possible and give your person a gift. Each person writes out 3 things about them, favorite color, animal, and something else. Set a budget to this so no one goes overboard and you aren’t strapping yourself for cash. At the end, everyone gets in a group and tries to figure out who gave who the present!

Chinese gift exchange, this is one of my FAVORITES! It’s best with a big group each person brings a gift in wrapped up of course, no names nothing. Each person draws a number and the 1st person goes and so on… the only catch is you have to open your present so everyone can see it andthe person after you can either pick out a present or steal yours! If they steal yours you get to pick out another present. Each present can be stolen twice, after it has been stolen twice no one can take it. The best part about being last is you have a chance to take pretty much everyones gift!

White Elephant gift exchange, Bring out the tacky gifts! This is a way to just get rid of crap you don’t want ha! It can either be something you alredy own, or something new ( you set the rules before hand) and then it goes onto become the Chinese gift exchange rules ( see above).

Hope you enjoy the games 🙂

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